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  • Establish you and your brand as an authority--without extra work.
    Get ranked in Google, build trust in future patients, clients and customers, even while you sleep.
  • Consistently and effortlessly attract new patients, clients and customers. Content marketing is the most effective investment you can make to grow your business. 
  • Save time (and sanity). Do more of what you love. I'll handle the rest. 


If you're reading this, you're a driven doctor, health professional, or health-and-wellness business who wants to grow.

You want more patients, clients, and customers to find you, not the other way around.

You want to turn that fantasy of "make money while you sleep" into a reality.

You want more time for your family, friends, vacations, and, let's be honest, sleep.

Only snag is: in order to grow your business, you need to market yourself--well.

In this day and age, health-and-wellness businesses need a strong online presence and marketing strategy more than ever before, including

  • A website packed with high-quality authoritative content
  • Inbound marketing systems that consistently attract, connect with and convert your ideal clientele
  • Strong SEO built into the foundation of your marketing strategy.

But all this feels impossible because you're already spread thin.

Let's face it, there is only so much time in a day, and bandwidth in your brain. There's no way you can focus on serving patients, clients, and customers 50+ hours a week AND become a marketing expert.

That's your edge.

And that's where I come in.

I'm Erika Herman, founder of LeverEdge Copywriting and a freelance medical copywriter who grows established and emerging health-and-wellness brands past their edge.

I generate powerful and effective inbound marketing strategies that put you on the map and in-demand so you thrive in both your business and personal life, as you help others thrive too.

LeverEdge Consulting

Why work with me?

Writing is more important in the medical and health-and-wellness industries than in any other industry. Words communicate critical information and educate about life-changing drugs, supplements, tests, procedures and technologies. Words build authority and trust. Words--written by an expert medical copywriter--can transform lives on a wide scale.

Medical copy isn't a substitute for your expertise, but it's part of the foundation of a successful, sustainable business.

With my background in scientific research, healthcare, publishing, and marketing, I create approachable, rigorously evidence-based content--blogs, web content, ebooks, articles, and more--that converts readers into patients, clients and customers, and grows your business for the long-term.

Copywriting Portfolio

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LeverEdge Copywriting - Natural New Blog

BLOG: Natural News


LeverEdge Copywriting - Natural New Blog

BLOG: Natural News


LeverEdge Copywriting - Elephant Journal Blog

BLOG: Elephant Journal


PORTFOLIO - EH.com - blog feed w header

BLOGS: ErikaHerman.com


LeverEdge Copywriting - Website Copy - AtsushiHattori.com

WEBSITE COPY (all pages): AtsushiHattori.com
(pictured: About page)

LeverEdge Copywriting - THE FIX - Sales PageWEBSITE COPY (all pages): HerpesFreedom.com (website), for THE FIX (product)

LeverEdge Copywriting - Sales Page + Video ScriptSALES PAGE + VIDEO SCRIPT: TOTAL CLEANSE BOOTCAMP

LeverEdge Copywriting - Sales PageSALES PAGE: ErikaHerman.com

LeverEdge Copywriting - Opt-inOPT-IN: ErikaHerman.com
(full text downloadable via opt-in at linked website, and available upon request)

LeverEdge Copywriting - Instructional Guide - TOTAL CLEANSE BOOTCAMPINSTRUCTIONAL GUIDE: TOTAL CLEANSE BOOTCAMP (training program)
(full 50-page text available upon request)


Branding Portfolio

Branding services available on a limited basis
(design of: logo, header, website, ebook, print book, physical product (label, product, packaging), business cards; product development).
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Once in full-size-view, you can view captions by clicking the info icon ("i" with circle around it) located below each image.

LeverEdge Consulting



Erika is an Ace. I serve high-profile clients and projects. When I've needed to consult with an expert, I've turned to Erika for support with everything from compelling copywriting and brand development to design to marketing-sensitive layout for websites and digital training programs. Erika sees and does what others don't.


Allison Weigel - Testimonial Erika Herman

In a world of nutrition and diet gimmicks, hype, misinformation, and downright hypocrisy, Erika Herman is more than a breath of fresh air, she is an entire oxygen tank.


LeverEdge Consulting

Erika built my entire brand and coached me in business and marketing. Before I came to Erika, I felt lost and unclear about how unique my skills were, and how my skills intersected with the market's demands. Erika gave me a new vision of myself. She gave me direction. And she reflected it all in branding and copywriting that makes me feel authentic, valuable, and proud.


LeverEdge Consulting

I came to Erika with a basic idea for a new business and no idea how to execute it in a way that would stand out. Erika envisioned and brought to life my brand--the perfect name (replete with matching URL), the slogan, the look (that delights and inspires), the story behind it all. Most importantly, Erika has leveraged me to stand out, not just to others, but in my own mind.

I now feel confident as to why prospective customers would choose to buy from me over competitors.

I immediately asked if she could rebrand another of my businesses.


Services + Rates

You can only grow your health-and-wellness business if you understand how non-negotiable strong copywriting is—and you do something about it.

Whatever stage you're at in your business, established or emerging,
LeverEdge Copywriting can help you stand out.

I offer expert web content, blogs, and articles that convert your readers into paying and loyal patients, clients and customers.

When you work with me as a freelance medical copywriter, you'll leverage my expertise in the health-and-wellness industry--as a researcher, practitioner, marketer, publisher, entrepreneur, and incisive critical thinker--to establish you and your brand as an authority, bring in new business, make you more money, and save you time (and sanity).

Each piece of content is thoroughly researched and always grounded in quality scholarly research. I never write to fill space, hit a word count, or awkwardly shove in keywords (Google doesn't like that).

I write to educate, connect with, and grow trust in your future clients--using relevant keywords and key phrases.

I know my stuff. Medical copywriting shouldn't simply be about summarizing, but critical thinking and synergizing research as well. I don't simply find any study online and base your content on it--anyone can do that, and doing so is a common practice. Instead, I think critically about research, seeing it as part of a bigger biological and clinical-research picture--both mainstream and lesser-known cutting-edge research.

When you hire me for copywriting, I write for you, but you also get:

  • Search Engine Optimization to help you get ranked higher in Google results and grow your audience.
  • Consumer research so I focus on topics I know your audience is hungry for.
  • Scholarly research to support your offerings (procedures and products).
  • Pitches for articles, opt-ins, ebooks, and more based on your audience.
  • Formatting for a smooth reading experience.
  • Titles that are engineered to bring in social media clicks.
  • Editing so everything you receive is free of errors.

Pretty groovy, isn't it?

That's because it is.

I care about my clients and know firsthand how valuable compelling expertly-researched copy is.

If you want quality work that always arrives to you ripe for deadlines, I've got you covered.

My price ranges for content are:

  • brand name and slogan - beginning at $500
  • website copy - beginning at $2500
  • blogs - beginning at $300**
  • email sequences - beginning at $200 per email**

**Ask me about monthly retainers and packages for timely and consistent content with subscription-based pricing.


  • cornerstone content + strategy (the anchor content of your site for SEO)
  • landing pages and sales pages
  • opt ins
  • ebooks
  • books
  • sales video scripts
  • speech writing/consulting
  • branding and marketing consulting
  • product development (product design also available on a limited basis)
  • design - logos, headers, banners, webpages, PDFs, opt-ins, ebooks, books, and products (Available on a case-by-case basis. Check out my portfolio above. Contact me for details.)

Ready to invest in content that converts readers into paying patients, clients, and customers? Let's chat!

Specialties Include:


  • lab-tests, lab-test analysis
  • bio-individualized healing protocols (supplements, lifestyle, nutrition, and mind-body)
  • detoxification
  • complex chronic illness (of the gut, liver, thyroid, blood sugar; autoimmunity;
    CIRS/biotoxin illness + healing (mold, Lyme and co-infections))
  • environmental health + testing
  • depression, anxiety and mood disorders
  • nutrigenomics
  • East-meets-West modalities (TCM, acupuncture, cupping, Ayurveda and more)


  • real food nutrition
  • metabolic bio-individuality
  • low-carb, HFLC, keto, Paleo, ancestral nutrition/diets of traditional cultures
  • animal food nutrition
  • healthy fats + saturated fat as healthy
  • sugar "detoxing"
  • cravings-control
  • sustainable food-sourcing, nutrition + ecological benefits of pastured + grass-fed foods


  • skin-, hair-, and nail-care from the inside-out
  • non-toxic / organic beauty products (skincare, makeup, etc.)
  • anti aging practices and technologies


  • mindfulness
  • meditation
  • body-based practices (yoga, Yin Yoga, somatic psychology, Somatic Experiencing®,
    trauma and healing, HeartMath breathwork, soundwork, limbic system retraining, and more)


  • psychology (analytical/Jungian/archetypal, CBT, and more)
  • mindset
  • mental health (biochemical imbalances and personality disorders)
  • personality typing systems (Enneagram (studied for 11 years), Myers-Briggs (studied for 15 years)

Schedule a free 15-minute consultation with me to learn more about how I can help you make more money and save time.

LeverEdge Consulting

About Erika Herman

Hi, I'm Erika Herman, founder of LeverEdge Copywriting, where I unify my A-game as a Freelance Medical Copywriter (ahem: Copywriting Magus) with my A-game as a health-and-wellness expert to grow established and emerging health-and-wellness brands past their edge.

The Lowdown on My Copywriting Magus Hat

As far back as I can remember, I've always been passionate about mastering my craft:

    • As far back as my quest to win The Golden Pencil Award in elementary school (mission accomplished);
    • Through my undergraduate years at UCLA (where I majored in English Literature and Creative Writing, swept up multiple writing awards and fellowships, and was Executive Editor of its literary journal for three years);
    • To my year of graduate school in the same field (I dropped out when I realized I didn't want a career teaching in academia, and definitely didn't need a degree to be a writer);
    • To my five-and-a-half years writing copy in the online floral industry during my 20s;
    • To my years writing screenplays;
    • To my four years as a Marketing Consultant for online health and wellness brands + publications;
    • To my 18+ years in the health and wellness industry as an entrepreneur, practitioner, researcher, writer, author, and content-creator.

Yes! My passion for writing and copywriting evolved in tandem with and fanned the flames of my other passion: health and wellness.

The Lowdown on My Health-and-Wellness-Expert Hat

I've spent the past 18+ years in the health and wellness industry as an

        • entrepreneur (my brand is TOTAL HEALTH REVOLUTION©)
        • researcher
        • content-creator (Bestselling Author (of an incisive 252-page book backed with 212 citations), blogger, vlogger, ebook author)
        • Functional Health Consultant, Nutritionist, and Biohacker
        • creator of digital training programs
        • consulting health and wellness expert for numerous publications (Redbook, Yahoo!, Mental Floss, and SheKnows to name a few), and
        • expert-panelist on many health and wellness summits.

I also understand first-hand what it's like. I have overcome my own health issues (minor, life-threatening, and everything in between), making me keenly aware of the emotional and psychological influences at play in the customer's, patient's, and client's mindsets.

In short, I know a thing or two (or thousand) about health and wellness, and that industry--from the inside out.

Two Hats Beat As One (AKA LeverEdge Copywriting's Origin Story)

For years, entrepreneurs in the health and wellness industry regularly interrogated me:

"Who did your copy and branding? I need to hire whoever did yours!"

They were referencing the copy (brand names, slogans, about pages, sales pages, sales videos, blogs, and all content) of my health and wellness websites, bestselling book, digital programs, ebooks, social media graphics, and the like.

I found myself repeatedly responding to their queries, "I did."

And So It Came To Pass

Over time, I began consulting and taking on projects for others. Best of all, I found the process inspiring (and a lot of fun).

I now work on projects that excite me, I believe in, and allow me to support health and wellness brands and influencers (doctors, practitioners, coaches, business owners, public figures, writers, products, projects, and events) I think can or do contribute something valuable to the collective.

I'd love to talk with you on a free 15-minute consult about how I can help grow your medical or health and wellness brand past its edge to establish it as an authority, bring in new patients, clients and customers, make you more money, and save you time (and sanity).

LeverEdge Consulting

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