About LeverEdge

What do all in-demand businesses, products, services, organizations, artists, writers, and influencers have in common?
They have strong BRANDING.

If you want to CONVERT prospects to loyal followers, fans, and paying customers or clients...

Your brand must CAPTIVATE your audience's attention, sear in its memory with sharply-defined edges, delivering a message of long-desired resolution to a problem or need.

Without strong branding, your business/project/venture/creative-baby will remain unformed, unnoticed and forgettable.
Your profits will stagnate.
You'll lose motivation.
You won't make an impact.

So what is "branding" anyway?

Your brand is your story.

Story can and should be communicated verbally, visually, and contextually--basically your story should be clearly defined and it should permeate every aspect of your brand's presence.

When you do this right, your brand becomes an experience, its presence evocative and empathic.
In short, you connect with your audience.

It is this connection that drives conversions.

This is marketing.

Many people think marketing is relegated to running ads, SEO, keywords, and the like, but that idea couldn't be farther from the truth.

The most fundamental (and too often neglected) aspect of marketing is brand-conception and communication.

Your story is your brand.
Your brand is your business.
Your brand is your ability to provide something valuable to the world.
Your brand is your bank account.

LeverEdge Creative Consulting + Development defines your brand, and drives that inexplicable bond between brand and audience, driving your conversions. 

LeverEdge grows your brand past its edge, to captivate and convert.

About Erika Herman

For years, fellow entrepreneurs interrogated me, "Who did your branding? I need to hire whoever did yours!"

By "your branding," they were referencing the names/slogans/stories/designs/copy/creative direction of my websites, bestselling book, digital programs, social media graphics, and the like.

I found myself repeatedly responding to their queries, "I did."

Over time, I began to take on projects for others, and found the process inspiring (and a lot of fun).

I now work on projects that excite me, I believe in, and allow me to support influencers (business owners, public figures, artists, writers, projects, and events--across a range of industries) I think contribute something valuable to the collective.

I'd love to speak with you about how I can help your brand captivate and convert.

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