You can only grow your health-and-wellness business if you understand how non-negotiable strong copywriting is—and you do something about it.

Whatever stage you're at in your business, established or emerging,
LeverEdge Copywriting can help you stand out.

LeverEdge Copywriting serves established and emerging health-and-wellness brands with expert copywriting that

  • establishes you and your brand as an authority
  • brings in new patients, clients and customers
  • makes you more money
  • saves you time (and sanity).

Medical, Health and Wellness Copywriting Services

When you hire me for copywriting, I write for you, but you also get:

  • Search Engine Optimization to help you get ranked higher in Google results and grow your audience.
  • Consumer research so I focus on topics I know your audience is hungry for.
  • Scholarly research to support your offerings (procedures and products).
  • Pitches for articles, opt-ins, ebooks, and more based on your audience.
  • Formatting for a smooth reading experience.
  • Photography that's royalty-free and looks great.
  • Titles that are engineered to bring in social media clicks.
  • Editing so everything you receive is free of errors.

Pretty groovy, isn't it?

That's because it is.

I care about my clients and know firsthand how valuable compelling expertly-researched copy is.

If you want quality work that always arrives to you ripe for deadlines, I've got you covered.

My price ranges for content are:

  • brand name and slogan - beginning at $500
  • website copy - beginning at $2500
  • blogs - beginning at $300**
  • email sequences - beginning at $200 per email**

**Ask me about monthly retainers and packages for timely and consistent content with subscription-based pricing.


  • cornerstone content + strategy (the anchor content of your site for SEO)
  • landing pages and sales pages
  • opt ins
  • ebooks
  • books
  • sales video scripts
  • speech writing/consulting
  • branding and marketing consulting
  • product development (product design also available on a limited basis)
  • design - logos, headers, banners, webpages, PDFs, opt-ins, ebooks, books, and products (Available on a case-by-case basis. Check out my portfolio above. Contact me for details.)

Specialties Include:


  • lab-tests, lab-test analysis
  • bio-individuality
  • lifestyle
  • supplements
  • detoxification
  • complex chronic illness (of the gut, liver, thyroid, blood sugar; autoimmunity;
    CIRS/biotoxin illness + healing (mold, Lyme and co-infections); hypermobility/EDS)
  • environmental health + testing
  • depression, anxiety and mood disorders
  • nutrigenomics
  • East-meets-West modalities (TCM, acupuncture, cupping, Ayurveda and more)


  • real food nutrition
  • metabolic bio-individuality
  • low-carb, HFLC, keto, Paleo, ancestral nutrition/diets of traditional cultures
  • animal food nutrition
  • healthy fats + saturated fat as healthy
  • sugar "detoxing"
  • cravings-control
  • sustainable food-sourcing, nutrition + ecological benefits of pastured + grass-fed foods


  • mindfulness
  • meditation
  • lifestyle
  • body-based practices (yoga, Yin Yoga, somatic psychology, Somatic Experiencing®,
    trauma and healing, HeartMath breathwork, soundwork, limbic system retraining, and more)


  • psychology (analytical/Jungian/archetypal, CBT, and more)
  • mindset
  • mental health (biochemical imbalances and personality disorders)
  • personality typing systems (Enneagram (studied for 11 years), Myers-Briggs (studied for 15 years))

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